A Tribute to Mr. David Kochancyzk

David Kochanczyk

From left to right: Dr. Martin Kochanczyk, John Kochanczyk, David Kochanczyk and Dr. Safi Shahda

Businessman, educator, and volunteer first responder, Mr. David Kochanczyk of Martinsville, IN, traveled with his sons, Martin and John, to DC for the 3rd Cancer Cachexia Conference in September 2016. David addressed the group in our patient-physician-caregiver session, providing personal insights into his six year battle with pancreatic cancer and cachexia. Attendees were deeply moved by his story, offering tribute with a sustained standing ovation. After the session, many scientists in the group offered their gratitude for his generosity in sharing his time and family, and expressed renewed motivation for their work.

Sadly, Mr. Kochanczyk passed away on January 21, 2017. His family has given permission to use his remarks and photos on our website so that others might benefit from his experience and wisdom.

Please view Mr. Kochanczyk's talk on YouTube ยป

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