Abstract Submission

Submission Deadline: June 30, 2018

Online Submission Form
Presenting authors are asked to submit their abstracts online via the submission form »

You must be registered to submit an abstract. An abstract received without registration will not be considered. Please enter your Registration Confirmation Number at the time of your submission. This number is found in your Conference Registration confirmation email.

In addition to Invited Talks, the conference will feature:

  • Short Talks (including Next Generation and Cutting Edge Science)
  • Poster Presentations

During the submission process, you will be asked if you would prefer your abstract to be considered for a Short Talk only, a Poster Presentation only, or either a Short Talk or Poster Presentation.

Note: Should you select Short Talk and not be selected to speak, your abstract will automatically be added to Poster Presentation.

Abstract Instructions – Prepare for your submission

  • Abstract title
    Clearly describes content of your presentation

  • Author(s)
    Firstname Lastname, Firstname Lastname*, ... with presenting author identified with an asterisk = e.g., John Brown, Betty White*

  • Affiliation
    Institution, City, Country for all authors
    (in case of multiple institutions, please identify respective author and corresponding institution with a number)

  • Abstract Body
    Maximum 350 words
    If you choose to add references, please ensure that your abstract does not exceed 350 words.